Our innovative treatments provide our clients with exceptional results. Our most popular services are Medical Weight Loss, IV Nutrient Therapy, Vitamin Shots, Detox Programs, Nutritional Counseling, Hormone Balancing, Allergy Relief, and Pain Management.
Vitamin Injection Bar
We offer an extensive menu of 14 proprietary, results driven injections that deliver optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the body’s circulation.
IV Lounge
We have over 16 custom blended, performance focused IVs designed to provide cells with fuel for optimal function. These IVs were developed by the top IV Nutrient therapy doctor in the US, using only the highest quality ingredients.
Mobile Medicine
Spark’s mobile medical team comes to your office, home, sports event or gym, and provides you with convenient on-site personalized medicine, including patient consultations, blood draws and lab work, nutrient shots & IV nutrient therapy.


At Spark, we are committed to changing how you experience working with your health care professional. If you would like to perform better in the areas of life that matter most to you,
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After working with my doctor at Spark, I have lost weight and got my energy back! Thank you Dr. C and the Spark team.

Michael, Poway California

I am a single mom who has her own business. Spark keeps me healthy so that I can be the best mom and business owner possible.

Randi, San Diego California

I was getting sick and could not afford to miss a day of work. I came into Spark and relaxed in the IV Lounge while I received the Immune Boost IV. I woke up the next day feeling great, and made it through my day with no problems. Thanks for being there for my business and me.

Shane, La Jolla California