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Weight Loss – Common Obstacles

Weight loss can be frustrating because there are so many different things
that block it. Even when you’re putting in the effort sometimes things are
working against you that you don’t even recognize. Here are some of the
most common obstacles:
1. Not eating enough- most people cut back on calories when they are
trying to lose weight. This can be an important thing, especially if you
are doing a lot of snacking or over-eating. But it is possible to eat too
little and actually shut down the metabolism. It can be helpful to get
tested to understand how many calories you need to eat so this does
not happen.
2. Hormone Imbalances- there are so many hormones that can block
weight loss if imbalanced. Particularly high insulin levels, low thyroid
levels, high estrogen levels, or very high or low adrenal hormone
levels. It’s helpful to check your hormone levels before you get
started to make sure your hormones won’t be working against you.
3. Ignoring the importance of building muscle- having more muscle
mass means your body has a higher metabolic rate all the time. You
are actually burning more fat just sitting around as long as your
muscle mass has your metabolism revved up. Sometimes hormone
imbalances can worsen muscle mass, or sometimes a person is
focusing too much on cardio-type exercises and not enough of
strength training, which can burn your muscle.
4. Ignoring sources of inflammation- there are lots of places your body
can be inflamed that keeps bloating and weight on. Gut infections
can do this, food allergies can do this, and poor detoxification can do
Investigating and correcting these issues can help make weight loss a
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