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Vitamin Injection Bar

Want a quick and effective treatment? Spark Health Naturopathic Doctors can help you decide which of our shots is right for your body and lifestyle.

Spark Health’s custom shots are specially formulated by the top IV nutrition therapy doctor in the country, Dr. Paul Anderson. These natural medicine shots are ideal when you need a boost in mental and physical performance, so you can perform at the highest level in the areas of life that matter most to you.

Do you need a vitamin boost?

  • Feeling stressed out?
  • Feeling fatigued and on the verge of being sick?
  • Need a boost of energy & help with your metabolism?
  • Do you have brain fog?

The average size of a Vitamin Shot in San Diego is just 1.5 mL. At Spark Health, all of our shots are 3 mL. Not only are our Vitamin Shots the largest in San Diego, but they are also the least expensive. Our average 3 mL shot costs just $40, whereas other clinics in San Diego average $65 for a 1.5 mL shot!

Vitamin Injection Bar




+ Support long-lasting energy
+ Increase cellular metabolism
+ Enhance well-being


Super Immune

Super Immune™

+ Improve cell level defense
+ Speed recovery time
+ Prevent illness


Allergy Buster

Allergy Buster™

+ Provide allergy symptom relief
+ Stimulate immune response


Allergy Buster

Allergy Buster™

+ Provide allergy symptom relief
+ Stimulate immune response





+ Increase energy production
+ Improve mental stamina
+ Support adrenal health


Be Happy

Be Happy™

+ Encourage positive mood
+ Promote calmness
+ Decrease anxiety


Zen Master

Zen Master™

+ Support mental balance
+ Promote relaxation
+ Decrease stress


Brain Food

Brain Food™

+ Maintain concentration
+ Enhance memory
+ Improve focus



Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt™

+ Promote lean body mass
+ Increase metabolism
+ Lose fat


Detox Booster

Detox Booster™

+ Release toxins
+ Cleanse liver
+ Increase vitality



Body Recovery

Body Recovery™

+ Decrease inflammation
+ Repair muscle & tissue
+ Reduce pain


Muscle Performance

Muscle Performance™

+ Improve muscle function
+ Increase endurance
+ Sustain energy



PMS Remedy

PMS Remedy™

+ Relieve cramping
+ Decrease bloating
+ Stabilize mood


Help Me Hangover

Help My Hangover™

+ Hydrate system
+ Relieve headache
+ Reduce nausea


Migaine Relife

Migraine Relief™

+ Decrease headache pain
+ Relieve muscle tension
+ Reduce nausea


The Love Shot

The Love Shot™

+ Enhance performance
+ Increase blood flow
+ Stimulate libido


What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is most effective when taken at regular intervals. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that unlike other vitamins, it is not excreted quickly through urine. B12 helps metabolize fat proteins and carbohydrates for energy production, and plays a key role in supporting brain functions, your nervous system and producing red blood cells.

While found in meat, eggs and milk, the B12 vitamin may not be getting 100 percent absorbed, even though people are eating enough of those foods. Deficiency in B12 can result in anemia, and B12 injections treat patients with chronic fatigue and anemia.

To avoid deficiencies, we offer our B-Well vitamin injection to promote a balanced well-being and healthy body.

B12 Benefits

  • A Vitamin B12 injection (our B-Well shot) is easily absorbed and utilized by the body in the formation of red blood cells. The B-Well shot also aids in the maintenance of a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system.
  • Major health benefits of Vitamin B12 shots are increased natural energy, improved sleep patterns, increased cellular metabolism, enhanced well-being and a general feeling of alertness.
  • A Vitamin B12 injection contains about 500 times more Vitamin B12 than the recommended daily dosage. This prevent illness and fatigue, while giving you long-lasting energy.