Hormone Balance and Testing in San Diego

Hormone balance is critical to maintaining a high quality of health. Disruptions in our sleep and wake cycles, changes in our stress levels, dietary or nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors can all alter our hormone levels. Our goal at Spark Health is to fix these hormonal imbalance issues with an integrated and individualized plan. At Spark Health, we offer a wide range of hormone balancing options that address health problems common among women and men, from ages young to old. No single approach will fit the needs of every person, so Spark Health offers personalized treatment plans that include nutrition, botanical medicine, multi-nutrient IV therapy and natural bioidentical hormones to help balance your hormones. If you believe you are experiencing any hormone imbalance symptoms, please feel free to reach out to our Naturopathic Doctor for a consultation: (858) 228-4188.

Hormone Therapy Testing

Hormone testing can help the patient and doctor in several ways:

  • Identify specific hormone imbalances before symptoms or disease appear, thereby promoting preventive health practices.
  • Identify specific hormone imbalances associated with symptoms, allowing the patient to understand why she or he is experiencing those symptoms, and establish a proper treatment protocol.
  • Monitor hormone levels while the patient is receiving treatment, allowing for individualized hormone dosing for ideal results.
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