Detox Basics

Spark Your Detox

The SPARK YOUR DETOX Program is designed to quickly get our body back on track in four critical ways:

1. Giving your body a break from foods that are most likely to be inflammatory or difficult to process.

2. Providing a boost in detox nutrients so your body can get toxins processed as quickly as possible.

3. Encouraging the elimination of built-up toxins.

4. Sparking your commitment to an ongoing detox lifestyle moving forward to optimize your health.

We live in an ever-increasingly toxic environment.  Many of the toxins are abundant in the environment today and did not exist 30 years ago.  These new toxins include certain pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals that can enter the body through food, water, and air supplies.  These toxins can become trapped in the body’s organs and tissues, which over time can negatively impact the vitality and contribute to the development of chronic disease.  Other toxins are produced by the body itself. Used body proteins and chemicals also need to be detoxified to be cleared out of the body. Byproducts of digestion, and from the organisms that live in our guts, all need to be detoxified to get cleared out.  By supporting the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification, and the natural elimination pathways, toxins can safely and effectively be cleansed from the body.

Detox Program Summary:

  • Before Check-in with Doctor to ensure your detox goals are met and customize, as needed.
  • Consume two Nutrient-Packed Detox Shakes per day as meal replacements.
  • Eat one healthy meal (following our clean-eating guidelines).
  • Take one additional DETOX CAPSULE PACK twice per day (can be taken with the shake).
  • DETOX TEA- drink two cups per day to increase detoxification and stimulate digestions and bowel function.
  • ADD-ON DETOX SHOT- extra detox support, including the powerful antioxidant glutathione, delivered straight to the tissues once per week.
  • ADD-ON DETOX IV- extra detox support in higher amounts, including the powerful antioxidant glutathione, delivered straight to the tissues once per week.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are bound to be differing opinions about the change in diet, but this detox is designed to be gentle and easy to follow.  Remember, it is not fast, nor is it a colon cleanse, both of which are harsh on your system. You will be eating plenty of food and the shakes are pleasant-tasting.  You may feel slight withdrawal symptoms in the first few days if you are giving up a lot of caffeine or sugar. You may feel fatigued and irritable if you are used to getting a lot of calories from simple carbohydrates and are switching to a lower and more complex carbohydrate diet.  Spark Your Detox is a comprehensive program designed to support your body thru these challenging days and you always have a doctor available to consult with if you feel you need more assistance. Be patient, the symptoms will pass and it will be worth it!

It is very important to consume extra water while on this program to help flush out toxins.  Plus, the detox tea can also increase the processing of fluids thru your body. Therefore, most people will urinate more often than usual on this program.  You should not be experiencing and dramatic bowel purging symptoms.

Spark Your Detox is not designed to be a weight loss program. However, many people do lose weight during the course of the program.  Some reasons for weight loss include: lower than usual caloric intake due to replacing meals with shakes and removing junk food, removing common food intolerances that add bloating and water weight, releasing toxins and inflammation as you detoxify.

Some people experience headaches during the first few days of their detox due to sugar and caffeine withdrawal.  You may want to gradually decrease the intake of these substances one week prior to detoxification to minimize discomfort.  It is also possible to get headaches related to the shifting of gut bacteria and yeast to a more favorable pattern on a healthier diet (die-off reaction).  Talk with your diet if you are concerned about this possibility.

You may exercise normally (monitor yourself, of course). Some days you may feel fatigued. On these days, you may want to limit yourself to gentle movement such as walking, stretching yoga, etc.

The detox program powder and capsule pack contain a variety of vitamins and other nutrients to help you meet your daily requirements.  You will probably want to suspend the use of the majority of your other natural supplements during the detox. You should continue to take any medically prescribed pharmaceutical or hormones.  This is something you can discuss with the doctor at your pre-detox check-in.