Naturopathic medicine is great for kids!  For those that have health problems, it can be helpful to evaluate nutritional levels, and sometimes gut health to see what kind of impact this could be having on their health. Once we have a more complete idea of what is going on, we can recommend specific diet changes, supplements, or other treatments that can work alongside their conventional care, or sometimes be a safe and effective alternative to what they were using before.  Parents appreciate having support for using natural care, in knowing which products and dosages are safe, and knowing when conventional care is the more appropriate option.

One bonus to bringing kids in early is to plant the seed that health is largely created by choices and actions.  Although it is a hard time for most kids to really take responsibility for that, we start sending those messages early, that not only are diet, sleep, moving your body, handling stress important, there are places to go for help and support with that.

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