Do your days consists of joint pain and stiffness?   Try adding these foods to your diet for a natural remedy.  They work to reduce pain and symptoms related to painful joints.

Add low impact workouts and maintain a healthy weight to help ease your symptoms.  You may be experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis.

1.   Eat foods rich in antioxidants. A variety of colors of organic fruits and vegetables are good sources, and can help to reduce tissue damage from inflammation.

2.   Daily use of Turmeric and Ginger in cooking and/or supplements for their natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Great to put in smoothies or tea.  Turmeric also provides clear acne-free skin.

3.   Consume omega-3s. The omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish (Salmon), walnuts and freshly ground flaxseed can help reduce inflammation.

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