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Naturopathic medicine shares a lot with conventional medicine.  We both rely on lab testing and physical exams to help make sense of a patient’s symptoms.  We both share common roots in medical science and researched-based treatments. But we also offer things beyond conventional medicine.


First of all, we go broader.  We have a broad focus that looks at the whole body.  We want to understand how the different systems of the body are working together, since they can affect each other.  So your rash or your headache isn’t just a problem with your skin or your head. We need to look more broadly at the body to understand what’s happening.


Second we go deeper.  We don’t just rely on a single screening test- we often have to go more in depth to understand complex problems, and to help catch things early, which is important if you are concerned with preventing illness, since it is easier to correct a problem in the early stages.


Finally, we think outside the box.  There is testing beyond what is conventional that can be incredibly helpful such as more comprehensive gut testing, food allergy testing, additional inflammation and detoxification tests and nutrient panels that all help us provide the best possible care.


We are also different in the types of treatments we focus on.  We do sometimes need to use prescription medications but our top choice is usually diet changes, exercise, supplements of particular vitamins or other natural products, detoxification protocols, etc.  These things are usually a gentler intervention on the body and not only solve the health problem, but leave the body healthier.


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