Integrative Cancer Treatment – Natural Medicine in San Diego

Naturopathic doctors (ND) support patients with cancer to maximize overall health, fight disease processes and prevent or reduce side effects of standard cancer treatment regimens for patients who utilizing them. Spark Health doctors may recommend specific supplements or nutritional programs in an individualized treatment approach.

Naturopathic doctors who specialize in naturopathic oncology understand both the standard treatments employed by medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, and how best to work in a collaborative model of cancer co-treatment. Spark Health doctors often help patients maintain their oncology treatment regimens while providing vital support reducing the side effects of those treatments. Naturopathic doctors are well aware of the multitude of ‘alternative therapies’ promoted to cure cancer and work to educate patients on evidence-based treatment modalities.

Spark Health also screens for any potential interactions between conventional cancer therapies and natural products that may affect the efficacy of a treatment. This supports the natural cancer-fighting ability of the immune system in helping prevent recurrence or other types of cancer.

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Medical Grade Natural Supplements in San Diego

At Spark Health, we tailor our supplement treatments specifically to a patient’s needs based on their symptoms and labs results. There is no generic or one-size-fits-all plan. This is why we strive to address and understand each patient’s individual picture of health to help treat them.

Our doctors will recommend specific supplements that will encourage your body to function optimally. All of the supplements we carry at Spark Health come from the highest quality of manufacturer, and are third-party tested to ensure purity and dose accuracy.

We understand the importance of checking drug and nutrient interactions. Our doctors not only make sure that no natural supplement interferes with a prescribed medication, but they also ensure that supplements are safe, effective and necessary.

Our personalized treatment plans mean Spark Health patients take the appropriate supplements based on their individual physiological needs.

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Natural Detox & Cleanse Programs in San Diego

Our bodies accumulate toxins from a variety of places: the air we breathe, food, household chemicals and even environmental factors.  It is important to help the body efficiently remove these toxins by improving how the organs of detoxification and elimination — liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract —  function.

Our Spark Health Detox Programs are designed to safely and effectively guide you through this process with an easy plan that balances your body and improves health from the inside out.

If toxins are too rapidly released without being eliminated safely first, they can do more damage than good to your body. Our detox programs focus on improving and optimizing how your body’s own detoxification systems function.

Spark Health Detox Programs patients experience increased energy, enhanced immune function, improved digestion, clearer skin, weight loss, pain relief and mental clarity, as well as reduced stress and tension.

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Diabetes Symptoms and Natural Treatment in San Diego

Regulating and maintaining a proper blood sugar balance can be a challenge. Many patients with diabetes are simply prescribed medication to lower blood sugar.

At Spark Health, we look at all of the factors that go into blood sugar regulation. Our doctors focus on optimizing your glucose use, as well as storage and pancreatic functions, through nutrition, exercise, natural supplements and prescription medications (when needed).

We work together with our patients to come up with personalized nutrition and supplement plans that fit with their individual lifestyles, ensuring long-lasting wellness and success.

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Bacteria and Parasite Testing & Treatment in San Diego

Digestive health can be the key to long term health for many people, and many of the testing methods available only look for infectious or disease causing bacteria. At Spark Health, we look at all the aspects of the digestive system that impact our health: inflammation, immune system regulation and response, digestion and absorption of protein, fat, and other nutrients, yeast, parasites, and levels of both beneficial and harmful bacteria. This shows us the full picture of digestive system health and function, and allows us to use botanicals, prescription medications, and probiotics to balance and restore each patient’s unique gastrointestinal environment, or microbiome. If you’re interesting in learning more about the Spark approach to personalized medicine, visit our website at, or give us a call at 858.228.4188.

Neurotransmitter Testing – Naturopathic Medicine in San Diego

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you have probably felt discouraged by doctors simply prescribing medications for your symptoms. You probably feel frustrated about the lack of improvement with medication alone too.

Neurotransmitter testing allows doctors at Spark Health to assess the various levels of amino acids and amines turning into the chemical messengers making up our brain chemistry. These help support mood, energy, libido and so much more.

Our doctors are able to target Neurotransmitter treatments to specifically balance a patient’s individual levels and needs, improving their mood, decreasing their anxiety, helping their energy levels and supporting them in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

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Male Hormone Imbalance – Low Testosterone Symptoms and Treatment in San Diego

Men of all ages experience problems with low testosterone levels. This can cause fatigue, low libido, low bone density and difficulty maintaining peak muscle recovery and performance.

At Spark Health, in addition to testosterone replacement therapy, we find the underlying cause of low testosterone levels and balance the male endocrine system to support healthy hormone synthesis.

It is important when prescribing and managing testosterone therapy that lab results are regularly checked to ensure that the right dose is being administered. Testosterone levels need to be in healthy, safe and effective ranges for an optimal sense of well-being.

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Autoimmune Disease Treatment in San Diego

If you struggle with autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Celiac Disease, Scleroderma, Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, you likely experience regular flare-ups of symptoms that alternate with periods of symptom-free remission.

Although autoimmune diseases cannot be reversed, symptoms can be well controlled with targeted supplement, nutrition and lifestyle therapies.

At Spark Health, we offer specialized testing that looks at all the antibodies present in the different types of autoimmune disease, as well as the different markers of inflammation in your body.

Our doctors will then tailor a nutrition and supplement treatment protocol based on your symptoms and specific lab results, designing you a plan for successful disease control and long-term immune system health.

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SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

If you have SIBO, or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, you are probably experiencing digestive symptoms such as gas, abdominal bloating, and diarrhea or constipation. You may also have problems with weight gain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety or insomnia.

SIBO Treatment

SIBO is caused by dysregulation in the digestive and nervous systems, and results in abnormal growths of bacteria causing these symptoms in the small intestine. At Spark Health, we approach SIBO diagnosis and treatment with a comprehensive, integrative approach that includes state of the art testing and bacteria eradication.

The bacteria is eradicated by starving them of their dietary fuel sources and changing the digestive system environment to discourage regrowth. This reestablishes the nervous system signals to the gut, allowing for proper digestion.

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Chronic Fatigue

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, know that it’s common to struggle finding the answer to what exactly is causing your low energy. Rather than simply recommending general supplements, Health Spark doctors run extensive tests that examine thyroid and adrenal functions, hormone levels, iron metabolism and more.

Looking inside your body to uncover the cause allows the root of what is making you feel fatigued to be treated. Our doctors will then work with you to develop a personalized treatment protocol designed for long-lasting improvement in energy and mood.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Spark Approach to personalized medicine, give us a call at (858) 228-4188.