Functional Medicine Takes Your Body’s Resilience and Wellness to the Next Level

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Wellness is a constant battle in a world full of health detriments. We read food labels. We avoid fumes from cars and cleaning products. We seek time to exercise and ways to make our jobs less sedentary. We manage stress.

The world wasn’t always like this. For all the solutions of modern medicine and technology, we have lost a purity of our environment, adding new challenges. Life in a city, even one of moderate population density like San Diego, makes these factors more prevalent.

Health Challenges We All Face

Chronic stress, sedentary routines, processed foods, and air pollution are all challenges that have arisen with modern times.

Stress, for example, evolved in nature to trigger survival instincts, not to deal with deadlines, finances, or traffic jams. These days, stress can make toxins harder to eliminate and quality sleep harder to achieve, depleting our body function, brain function, and overall wellbeing.

Our body’s detox system was also developed in a less polluted world. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate build up toxins from our bodies and diet.

Air pollution; however, is something that it is impossible to avoid and its effects can be as damaging as smoking. San Diego ranks 6th in the United States for cities with the most ozone pollution.

Since we can’t avoid certain health factors, we need a leg up to beat them. That is why Spark Health strives to be a leader in integrative medicine in San Diego.

Solutions We Can All Employ

Diet and exercise are an important foundation for a sound mind and body. For most people, an ideal exercise routine is daily cardio and/or aerobic with intermittent weight training. A balanced diet is crucial with the right variety of vitamins and nutrients to boost your system and keep it at optimal level. Antioxidants are our best weapon to fight toxicity.

Free Radicals are unstable molecules that cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. They can come from air pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, poor diet, and more. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals.

Solution – Integrative Medicine and IV Therapy

Functional medicine takes your body’s resilience and wellness to the next level. Spark Health is a leading Naturopathic practice providing nutrition counseling, vitamin injections and IV therapy in San Diego to name a few.  Each IV therapy session includes a shot of glutathione, your body’s most important anti-oxidant. Glutathione optimizes the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients in each treatment, which are tailored to promote a range of benefits, from general health and restoration, to weight loss, athleticism, and mood.

Integrative and functional medicine allow your cells and organs to better process the nutrients consumed and in return provide a vitality that enables you to be more active, aware and productive.

With integrative medicine, we can definitively win the fight against health hazards that are all around us and become our best selves. To learn more or to book a visit please visit or contact Spark Health at 858.228.4188 with any questions.

Shots vs Fast Bags vs Full Bags

Patients often ask about the difference between getting a shot and getting a vitamin IV. These two services are both valuable in their own ways, depending on what your health goals are! Our shots are great for a quick and easy boost. We have 16 proprietary nutrient blends for all types of health goals, from increased energy to immune health to detox. These injections go directly into the muscle and slowly absorb into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Our shots are helpful when you don’t have the time to get a vitamin IV.

A vitamin IV has more room for nutrients than a vitamin shot, so it is helpful when you need a lot of support fast! We recommend coming in for a vitamin IV at the first sign of a cold, or whenever you’re feeling fatigued or lacking energy. The nutrients in a vitamin IV go directly into the bloodstream and are delivered to the tissues that need them most.

Here at Spark Health, our “fast bag” vitamin IVs take about 15-20 minutes to drip, and all the B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals you need to stay in tip-top condition. We offer formulas that address a variety of health goals, from weight loss to energy to stress reduction.

Full size IV bags are even more effective because we can fit about three times the amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in them! We require a quick appointment with one of our doctors, simply to make sure it is safe for you to receive a full size bag. During this brief appointment, we can also customize a formula specific to your health goals!

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Best Detoxification Programs

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Video Transcript:


When people think ‘detox program’ they are likely to think of things like juice cleanses and maybe bowel purging kinds of programs.  As much as we love a fresh clean green juice, these are not the optimal way for most people to detoxify.

The most important parts of detoxification are cleaning up the diet dramatically so you stop throwing toxins in to the system.  This can include some fruit and especially vegetable based smoothies, but cooked foods like soups and stews are easier on the digestive tract and since most of us could use some gut R&R as part of the detox, too much raw fiberous food can be hard on the gut.

It is also important to have a high dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants available for the liver to detoxify at max speed.  This is really the most important limiting factor for detoxification. And there are plenty of herbs that also are helpful for the liver.  Not in helping to purge the bowels

Finally doing things that draw toxins of the body faster, thru the main detox pathways is a helpful component. Things that increase circulation such as hot and cold alternating therapy (like alternating hot/cold in your shower) are helpful.  Any kind of sauna (especially infrared saunas which heat the tissues more deeply) increase the transportation of toxins from the tissues to the liver for processing and also increase sweating to get them out.

Keeping the bowels moving with proper hydration and fiber is critical, though purging the bowels is generally miserable and rarely accomplishes true detoxification internally.

Detox programs that incorporate these things are those that are a more comprehensive and complete type of detox that will have a bigger impact on your wellness.

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Daily Detox



We always say that detoxification is something that you need to pay attention to on a daily basis.  Here are some easy ways to go about it.

First, be sure that you aren’t adding toxic chemicals to your body un-necessarily.  Check cleansing and beauty products to make sure they are clean, especially those that stay on your body like lotions or things that go on your lips and get ingested.

Don’t cook or store food in plastic, especially hot or acidic foods, as the plastic residues leach in to the foods.

Buy organic as much as you can afford to, especially animal products, which carry more chemical residues, and also produce from the notorious “Dirty Dozen List” which are the most toxic fruits and veggies to but conventional.

Now despite your hard work, we are all exposed to toxins every day, and our bodies make lots of things that also need to get detoxified.  Anything you can do that increased your circulation, increases your sweating, or increases your bowel regularity, is generally supporting better detoxification.

Try dry ski brushing to stimulate the circulation of detoxifying lymph.  Consider ending your hot shower with 15 to 30 seconds of cold water to stimulate blood circulation.  Stay well-hydrated, and address gut health so you are not constipated.

Finally, don’t forget about getting enough good nutrition.  Your body can only detox as fast as it has enough nutrients to run those detox reactions.  The B vitamins, magnesium, and others are hugely important. This also includes having enough antioxidants to process oxidative toxicity, which really slows down the liver.

Doing these things daily will help keep your toxicity levels manageable for your detox organs to handle with ease.

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Detoxification – General

Detox Basics


Detoxification is something your body does all the time.  But depending on how much you have to detoxify (and in this world it can be a lot), your detoxification systems likely could use periodic help.  Helping your detoxification means both reducing your exposure to unnecessary toxins, and also doing things to help your body process and eliminate toxins more quickly.

Some of our toxic exposures are from chemicals, such as pesticides or plastics that we come across every day.  These chemicals are often hormonal, neurologic, or genetic disruptors. They are widely un-researched, unregulated, and increasing in prevalence.  While their effects are not fully known, we are certain that even very small doses can be harmful.

Our bodies must also detoxify and eliminate used up hormones, cells, and body proteins.  I would also include here the need to neutralize and eliminate oxidative molecules before they cause damage (accomplished with dietary anti-oxidants).

Proper detoxification means reducing exposures on a daily basis, making sure your detoxification organs (your liver, gut, kidneys, and skin) are working properly, and doing a more thorough cleanse periodically.

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Detox Basics

Detox Basics

What is detoxification?

The first step to beginning a successful detox program is to understand how our bodies change toxins into less toxic or more readily excretable substances.

Many people equate detoxification only with the liver, but it is important to look at our systems of elimination and detoxification as a whole, including the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. Setting up the body to efficiently eliminate toxins is the first and most important step for a successful cleanse. Toxins can have damaging effects on the body if they are too rapidly released without being safely eliminated, so it is important to focus on improving and optimizing the function of your body’s own detoxification systems.

Our kidneys help to maintain fluid balance, remove toxins and waste via the urinary system, regulate blood pressure, and control red blood cell production. Kidney function supports many areas of balance in the body: acidity and alkalinity for pH regulation, salt and water for blood pressure regulation, and sodium and potassium concentration for healthy circulatory and neurological systems.

The kidneys also play an important role in vitamin D activation, which is essential for energy production, cancer prevention, bone health, immune system support, and anti-inflammatory benefit.

Liver function involves cholesterol regulation, breaking down and filtering toxins, storing sugar, minerals, and vitamins, and producing blood cells.

One of the most important roles of the liver is to break down and remove harmful substances out of the blood, while filtering out non-beneficial bacteria and viruses. The liver is also involved with digestion by producing bile, which is then stored in the gallbladder. After eating, the gallbladder then releases the bile to help break down food for more efficient digestion and absorption.

Digestive Tract
The gastrointestinal system supports detoxification by evacuating waste containing toxins, bacteria, and parasites, while absorbing necessary minerals and nutrients from the food we eat.

The colon works together with the skin, liver, and kidney to flush toxic matter out of the body. After the liver breaks down harmful substances, they are then transported to the intestines via bile. When fecal matter moves through the colon, the colon’s lining absorbs vitamins, mineral salts, and water from the waste, and excretes the toxins.

Detox and Weightloss

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A common benefit of a successful detox program is weight loss. Our fat cells contain stored toxins, including heavy metals and excess hormones, so it is especially important to encourage functional detox pathways as fat cells are released when losing weight. While undergoing a cleanse, other important physiological considerations include:

*Cell membrane fluidity to allow toxins to exit the cell for removal by the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract.
*Blood sugar balance, which is regulated by the pancreas (secreting insulin) and the liver (stores and releases glucose in response to blood glucose levels)
*Healthy cholesterol levels, which depend upon proper synthesis and metabolization in the liver.
*Limiting inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy, and focusing on nutrients from whole food sources
*Appropriate digestion and absorption of food
*Sufficient water intake for kidney health and function
*Daily exercise to support liver function, healthy digestive patterns and gastrointestinal elimination of toxins.

Eating nutrient dense whole foods and juices, along with proper supplement support, will ensure that you are giving your body the tools needed for successful detox and ongoing optimal health.