Shots vs Fast Bags vs Full Bags

Patients often ask about the difference between getting a shot and getting a vitamin IV. These two services are both valuable in their own ways, depending on what your health goals are! Our shots are great for a quick and easy boost. We have 16 proprietary nutrient blends for all types of health goals, from increased energy to immune health to detox. These injections go directly into the muscle and slowly absorb into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Our shots are helpful when you don’t have the time to get a vitamin IV.

A vitamin IV has more room for nutrients than a vitamin shot, so it is helpful when you need a lot of support fast! We recommend coming in for a vitamin IV at the first sign of a cold, or whenever you’re feeling fatigued or lacking energy. The nutrients in a vitamin IV go directly into the bloodstream and are delivered to the tissues that need them most.

Here at Spark Health, our “fast bag” vitamin IVs take about 15-20 minutes to drip, and all the B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals you need to stay in tip-top condition. We offer formulas that address a variety of health goals, from weight loss to energy to stress reduction.

Full size IV bags are even more effective because we can fit about three times the amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in them! We require a quick appointment with one of our doctors, simply to make sure it is safe for you to receive a full size bag. During this brief appointment, we can also customize a formula specific to your health goals!

If you would like to learn more, give us a call at 858.228.4188 or visit us online at .

Common Nutrient Deficiencies and How To Address Them

Detox Basics

Even with the most perfect, natural diet, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can still occur. Because of the way food is grown in our modern world, soil tends to be depleted of many nutrients that are necessary for optimal health.

We require approximately 40 micronutrients for our bodies to function properly, and our bodies can’t manufacture a lot of these nutrients on their own. 

Inadequate micronutrient levels are known to contribute to increased rates of illness. (1,3) Micronutrient deficiencies are associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, weight problems, cognitive issues, and a weakened immune system. (3) 

Common nutrient deficiencies in the U.S. include: magnesium, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A, calcium, and folate. People who follow vegetarian, vegan, or calorie-restricted diets are more prone to micronutrient deficiencies.

The elderly, those who smoke, those who have undergone gastric or bariatric surgery, those who have gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis, and those who are recovering from illnesses are also more at risk for deficiencies. (2) However, even if none of the above apply to you, you may still have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

How can you know for sure what nutrient deficiencies you may have?

Here at Spark Health, we use blood tests to measure your levels of micronutrients.

We are able to test levels of nutrients that are in the blood, and we are also able to test how well your cells are utilizing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

After gathering information about what nutrients you are deficient in, we are able to make personalized recommendations for dietary changes, lifestyle changes, supplements, shots, or IV therapy. 

Increase Nutrients

One way to reduce your risk of micronutrient deficiencies is to dramatically increase the amount of nutrient-dense foods in the diet.

Decreasing the consumption of processed foods and increasing consumption of whole foods will help to support healthy micronutrient levels.

For example, if you are looking to get more magnesium in the diet, you may want to increase your consumption of spinach or nuts, and to get more B12 in the diet, you may want to increase your consumption of pastured eggs and grass fed beef. 

Whenever possible, choose organic versions of fruits and vegetables, and if you have access to farmers markets, you will be able to get produce that has been harvested more recently, which increases the amount of micronutrients are in the produce.

Most produce that is found in the supermarket is picked before its prime, and is transported on boats and trucks for days and sometimes weeks before consumption. It’s best to choose a variety of different colors of fruits and vegetables in order to improve the variety of nutrients you receive. 

Avoiding Nutrient Killers

Another way to increase nutrient levels is to avoid certain substances that are known to drive down the levels in the body: caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

Caffeine tends to bind iron and certain minerals, and can be dehydrating and depleting. Alcohol has a tendency to reduce our levels of digestive enzymes, leaving us depleted of certain vitamins like B1 (thiamine).

One serving of refined sugar has been shown to increase urinary excretion of calcium, and is also known to deplete vitamin C, vitamin D and chromium levels in the body. (4)

When diet isn’t enough to bring micronutrient levels up, we may employ other natural solutions. Here at Spark Health in Solana Beach, our team of naturopathic doctors are experts in providing nutrient supplementation orally, via intramuscular injections (shots), or through nutrient IVs. 

We can deliver concentrated levels vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids directly into the bloodstream through an IV. With certain nutrients, IV vitamin therapy provides up to 10 times the absorption of oral supplementation.  

By administering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, our cells are able to effectively metabolize the nutrients they require for optimal function and healing. We can create a customized IV vitamin bag based on your own personal blood test results and unique vitamin and nutrient needs!

Learn More

For more information about micronutrient testing and personalized IV therapy, call Spark Health today at (858) 228-4188 or send us an email at . Spark Health is conveniently located so we can serve patients in San Diego, and all of North County such as Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Escondido, San Marcos, and Poway. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Thank you,

` The Spark Team


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My PRP Micro-Needle Experience at Spark Health

Spark Lifestyle Services

Liz Eddy














On April 1st, April fool’s day, I woke up to what I believed was a pimple, which was a little weird but nothing a little concealer couldn’t quickly hide. A few hours later I had a few more “zits” and within 24 hours I had a face and neck full of giant, massively itchy red welts. Ah hives! Good times, or so I thought.

I popped a Benadryl and went to bed believing the itchy, red welts would be gone by morning. They were not. It was much worse. Now the bumps were everywhere. I went in to see a doctor who told me I had varicella virus aka chicken pox. “Huh?!” I said. “You must have not had it when you were a kid.” He replied.

Not awesome.

He told me to quarantine myself until the bumps burst and scabbed over in about 2 weeks. I was coated with pumps that looked like ready to erupt volcanoes. They were gross, oozing, itchy bugers that finally scabbed over.

Once the scabs fell off, I was left with deep, pitted scars & dark marks all over my face.. I was devastated. As a model & actress that is constantly in front of a camera, this, I thought would for sure change that. I thought I’d never work again.

I had just booked a leading role in a feature film and this made me consider possibly walking away from it. I waited a few weeks and realized that my skin was not going to improve on its own. 

Call it destiny but I met someone who over a cup of coffee told me about Spark Health and their PRP Micro-needle treatments. I did a little research, called Spark and made my appointment asap.

[mkdf_button size=”” type=”” text=”For a Limited Time Get $100 off a PRP Micro Needling Facial! Click Here to Redeem” custom_class=”” icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”” link=”” target=”_self” color=”” hover_color=”” background_color=”” hover_background_color=”” border_color=”” hover_border_color=”” font_size=”” font_weight=”” margin=””]

My incredibly wonderful experience at Spark began as soon as I walked through the doors. The friendly staff immediately put me at ease. Within minutes I was with one of Spark’s doctors who explained the best plan to treat my skin, eradicate scars and eliminate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation was through a series of PRP Micro-Needle treatments, proper skin care, hydrating IV’s and vitamin shots. The most important of these being the PRP micro-needle treatments. 

The doctor explained that PRP micro-needling therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment with about a one week recovery time and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. The treatment actually involves two procedures, micro-needling and the application of PRP (platelet rich plasma) onto the skin and when appropriate, injected directly into deep scars. A small hand-held needle device (Dermapen) which contains tiny micro-needles is passed over the skin creating micro-wounds.

 During the body’s natural wound-healing process, collagen and elastin are automatically produced. Platelet Rich Plasma is produced from an individual’s own blood. A few small vials of blood would be drawn from my arm, put into a centrifuge and spun to separate the plasma from the blood. PRP contains highly concentrated amounts of natural growth factors that promote the regeneration process of skin and is applied directly onto the skin between passes of the micro-needle device to stimulate 

the natural healing process and creation of collagen through a series of thousands of tiny pinpricks. 

This process would help erase the scars and dark spots on my skin that chicken pox left behind. The information I received at Spark gave me hope that my skin could and would heal. 

After cleansing my skin, a topical anesthetic was applied. While the numbing cream did it’s thing, my blood was drawn. 20 minutes later my face was completely numb and the doctor walked in with a few vials of gold serum, my plasma. During the approximately 1 hour procedure, the doctor moved the dermapen on my face focusing on larger scars and then infused the PRP into my skin.

I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. My face did look like I had a run-in with an industrial sandblaster when it was over and done.

I was given post-treatment care instructions and sent home to let the treatment do it’s magic.

As the numbness wore off I felt my skin tighten. I followed the super simple post-treatment instructions. Within a week, my skin was at least 50% improved! Scars were diminished, dark marks were lighter and the overall texture of my skin was so much better. My skin was glowing. I had hope! 

About every four weeks I returned to Spark for another treatment. After my fifth treatment, my skin looked like I had never had chicken pox. There were no noticeable scars, no dark marks and my skin looked and felt rejuvenated.

I had a total of 12 PRP micro-needle treatments.  My skin has never looked better. It actually looks better than before chicken pox. I love the results and plan to continue to have these treatments at Spark a few times per year to maintain my skin’s health.

Spark Health healed my skin and gave me the confidence to get back to work. I’m busy on set as a lead in a feature film and just landed the cover of Harper’s Bazar Asia’s Holiday Issue! 

The most massive and heartfelt thank you to the doctors and staff at Spark Health for not only giving me my skin back but making it better than ever. 

[mkdf_button size=”” type=”” text=”For a Limited Time Get $100 off a PRP Micro Needling Facial! Click Here to Redeem” custom_class=”” icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”” link=”” target=”_self” color=”” hover_color=”” background_color=”” hover_background_color=”” border_color=”” hover_border_color=”” font_size=”” font_weight=”” margin=””]