Patients often ask about the difference between getting a shot and getting a vitamin IV. These two services are both valuable in their own ways, depending on what your health goals are! Our shots are great for a quick and easy boost. We have 16 proprietary nutrient blends for all types of health goals, from increased energy to immune health to detox. These injections go directly into the muscle and slowly absorb into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Our shots are helpful when you don’t have the time to get a vitamin IV.

A vitamin IV has more room for nutrients than a vitamin shot, so it is helpful when you need a lot of support fast! We recommend coming in for a vitamin IV at the first sign of a cold, or whenever you’re feeling fatigued or lacking energy. The nutrients in a vitamin IV go directly into the bloodstream and are delivered to the tissues that need them most.

Here at Spark Health, our “fast bag” vitamin IVs take about 15-20 minutes to drip, and all the B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals you need to stay in tip-top condition. We offer formulas that address a variety of health goals, from weight loss to energy to stress reduction.

Full size IV bags are even more effective because we can fit about three times the amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in them! We require a quick appointment with one of our doctors, simply to make sure it is safe for you to receive a full size bag. During this brief appointment, we can also customize a formula specific to your health goals!

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