The Sparkle and Glow, Collagen Builder, and Acne Support are

Spark Health’s skin focused IV therapies. The Sparkle and Glow

is the ultimate IV for overall skin health. It highlights vitamin C,

amino acids, zinc and B vitamins needed for clear, youthful skin. It

is not easy to absorb adequate nutrients from diet and

supplements alone which is why I am such a fan of adding

nutrient IVs to ensure you are getting 100% nutrient absorption. If

you don’t have time for a full sized IV the Collagen Builder and

Acne Support bags are great options to support your skincare

concerns. The collagen builder was designed to highlight two key

nutrients needed in collagen formation – vitamin C and glycine.

The acne support includes L-carnitine and vitamin B5. These

nutrients help to balance the keratinocytes or the oil producing

cells involved in acne formation.

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