Video Transcript:

At Spark Health, the three most common pediatric health concerns we see are constipation, skin rashes particularly eczema, and frequent illness like chronic ear infections or colds coming one right after another with a slow recovery time.

Constipation is often blamed on poor hydration and low fiber intake.  Those certainly can be part of the problem. But it is much more common to have some combination of imbalanced gut flora or bacteria along with poor toilet habits, such as not wanting to go at school or not wanting to stop play to visit the toilet.  A combination of behavior changes and treating gut imbalances is key.

Skin rashes are often linked to gut health.  We have a lot of success looking at food allergens and gut infections to get to the root cause.

Finally, immune system issues, are (surprise) also linked to gut health.  Besides checking on that, there are a number of really great, safe, botanical and vitamin supplements that help boost immune functioning.  Things like elderberry and vitamin D.

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