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When people think ‘detox program’ they are likely to think of things like juice cleanses and maybe bowel purging kinds of programs.  As much as we love a fresh clean green juice, these are not the optimal way for most people to detoxify.

The most important parts of detoxification are cleaning up the diet dramatically so you stop throwing toxins in to the system.  This can include some fruit and especially vegetable based smoothies, but cooked foods like soups and stews are easier on the digestive tract and since most of us could use some gut R&R as part of the detox, too much raw fiberous food can be hard on the gut.

It is also important to have a high dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants available for the liver to detoxify at max speed.  This is really the most important limiting factor for detoxification. And there are plenty of herbs that also are helpful for the liver.  Not in helping to purge the bowels

Finally doing things that draw toxins of the body faster, thru the main detox pathways is a helpful component. Things that increase circulation such as hot and cold alternating therapy (like alternating hot/cold in your shower) are helpful.  Any kind of sauna (especially infrared saunas which heat the tissues more deeply) increase the transportation of toxins from the tissues to the liver for processing and also increase sweating to get them out.

Keeping the bowels moving with proper hydration and fiber is critical, though purging the bowels is generally miserable and rarely accomplishes true detoxification internally.

Detox programs that incorporate these things are those that are a more comprehensive and complete type of detox that will have a bigger impact on your wellness.

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