Detox Basics


Detoxification is something your body does all the time.  But depending on how much you have to detoxify (and in this world it can be a lot), your detoxification systems likely could use periodic help.  Helping your detoxification means both reducing your exposure to unnecessary toxins, and also doing things to help your body process and eliminate toxins more quickly.

Some of our toxic exposures are from chemicals, such as pesticides or plastics that we come across every day.  These chemicals are often hormonal, neurologic, or genetic disruptors. They are widely un-researched, unregulated, and increasing in prevalence.  While their effects are not fully known, we are certain that even very small doses can be harmful.

Our bodies must also detoxify and eliminate used up hormones, cells, and body proteins.  I would also include here the need to neutralize and eliminate oxidative molecules before they cause damage (accomplished with dietary anti-oxidants).

Proper detoxification means reducing exposures on a daily basis, making sure your detoxification organs (your liver, gut, kidneys, and skin) are working properly, and doing a more thorough cleanse periodically.

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