We always say that detoxification is something that you need to pay attention to on a daily basis.  Here are some easy ways to go about it.

First, be sure that you aren’t adding toxic chemicals to your body un-necessarily.  Check cleansing and beauty products to make sure they are clean, especially those that stay on your body like lotions or things that go on your lips and get ingested.

Don’t cook or store food in plastic, especially hot or acidic foods, as the plastic residues leach in to the foods.

Buy organic as much as you can afford to, especially animal products, which carry more chemical residues, and also produce from the notorious “Dirty Dozen List” which are the most toxic fruits and veggies to but conventional.

Now despite your hard work, we are all exposed to toxins every day, and our bodies make lots of things that also need to get detoxified.  Anything you can do that increased your circulation, increases your sweating, or increases your bowel regularity, is generally supporting better detoxification.

Try dry ski brushing to stimulate the circulation of detoxifying lymph.  Consider ending your hot shower with 15 to 30 seconds of cold water to stimulate blood circulation.  Stay well-hydrated, and address gut health so you are not constipated.

Finally, don’t forget about getting enough good nutrition.  Your body can only detox as fast as it has enough nutrients to run those detox reactions.  The B vitamins, magnesium, and others are hugely important. This also includes having enough antioxidants to process oxidative toxicity, which really slows down the liver.

Doing these things daily will help keep your toxicity levels manageable for your detox organs to handle with ease.

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