Hormone balance is critical for healthy weight loss.  You absolutely CAN lose weight if you are not in hormone balance, but the stress of that will slow the metabolism gradually over time.  And then as soon as you stop your dieting program, your weight returns, and becomes, sometimes, even higher than when you started. This is the story of the weight loss industry.  


But when you approach weight loss from a place of balanced hormones, your body can lose weight without that level of metabolic stress. There are three hormone systems that are huge players here:


Insulin is the first one- if insulin is high (as happens when blood sugars are higher) it becomes extremely difficult to burn fat.  One of insulin’s functions is to shuttle more fat in to storage, not allow it to leave.


Thyroid hormone also plays a huge role in weight loss if it is too low.  Not only does it slow the metabolism down, but it makes you feel tired, which makes it harder to exercise and to make healthy choices.  Unfortunately, the thyroid gland gets slowed down by lots of other things in the body like nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, and other hormone imbalances.


And finally, stress hormones being too high or too low can slow weight loss.  When they are too low a person feels really tired, and it often slows down the thyroid.  Also, low DHEA (one of the adrenal hormones) can deplete testosterone in women. And low testosterone makes it hard to keep muscle mass.  High stress hormones can increase blood sugar levels and insulin and slow down the metabolism. Our bodies have evolved to slow weight loss during stressful times, which is helpful in a famine, but not necessarily in today’s world.


Checking to make sure you are in hormone balance before starting a weight loss program can help make your efforts more successful and more permanent.


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