IV Nutrient Therapy

Naturopathic Doctors use a wide variety of treatments to treat your health
problems. Most importantly we try to use the least toxic and least
disruptive treatments that will achieve our goals, those that will return the
body to a higher state of health overall.
We do sometimes need to use prescription medications, especially
hormones like thyroid replacement or bio-identical hormones to bring a
patient back in to balance. But even more so, we rely on botanical
products and different vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements
to treat problems effectively. Some doctors also use homeopathy or
physical medicine such as hydrotherapy.
Most supplements are taken by mouth, but there are injectable nutrients
(vitamins and minerals especially) that have a profound benefit to healing.
And some injectable treatments, such as PRP, that promote tissue health,
growth, and repair.
In addition to things you can take to support your healing, we focus a lot on
lifestyle factors. Things you DO every day that have an impact on your
health like diet, exercise, sleep quality, how you handle stress, and we
counsel you on what would be better and how to make those changes.
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