Spotlight On: GLYCINE

By Dr. Samantha Larkin, ND- Associate Doctor and Manager of the Spark Health IV Program
Glycine is a building block for many proteins in the body and has a whole host of amazing health benefits. We feature glycine in many of our vitamin shots and IVs. Find your health goal below, and see how glycine can help you achieve it!


Did you know that collagen contains approximately 35% glycine? Glycine is one of the star nutrients for skin health and collagen and elastin deposition. 1 We love Glycine in our “Sparkle and Glow” IV bag.


Both our “Cellular Detox” IV bag and “Detox Booster” shot contain glycine. Glycine has its own ability to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, but it also is used to create glutathione, which is the body’s master detoxifier and a powerful antioxidant. 2


Although glycine is made by the body, there is evidence that most people do not make enough of it to support the body’s metabolic processes long-term. Studies have shown that a deficiency of glycine can impair the immune system. 4


Glycine acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and spinal cord, and is known to help improve sleep quality. It helps to modulate stress levels and supports a healthy mood. 5 We feature therapeutic levels of glycine in the “Destress and Unwind” IV bag, “Destress fast bag”, and our “Deep Sleep” IV bag. We also feature glycine in our “Be Happy” shot and our “Zen Master” shot.


Glycine is one of best the amino acids for the prevention of muscle breakdown. Glycine helps to generate creatine, which is crucial for nerve and muscle metabolism. 2 Glycine also helps to prevent tissue injury, promotes wound healing, and promotes the synthesis of proteins.


Glycine is the major amino acid used in the conjugation of bile acids. This makes it particularly useful for supporting digestion of fats, absorption of long chain fatty acids and lipid-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin D. 3
Can you believe all of the benefits of glycine? That’s why glycine is our spotlight IV nutrient this month. Come to Spark Health today to try an intramuscular (IM) shot or intravenous (IV) therapy with glycine! For more information please call us at (858) 228-4188 or you can email us at


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