We take your quality of life seriously at Spark Health. We’re passionate about serving the people of San Diego, California with world-class accommodations and innovative natural medicine. Being a Naturopathic clinic, we understand that a big part of living a healthy life is living a well-rounded life. Your body is only one part of the equation. We also have to be mindful of how your spirit, your essence, is doing. It’s important to feed the soul, so-to-speak.

But there’s just so much out there to sift through. There are so many different styles of dress, leisure-activities, cuisines, workouts, and products… how in the world is anybody supposed to figure out where their path to self-discovery lies? Discovering and defining yourself is at once easier and harder than ever. Blame it on the paradox of choice.

The Skinny Confidential 

Well, that’s why we are so fortunate to have Lauryn Evarts and her Lifestyle Guide: The Skinny Confidential. That’s right: Lifestyle Guide. You see, The Skinny Confidential is way more than a website, blog, podcast, book, and collection of social media platforms. It’s all of those things rolled into one tidy and trendy package called The Skinny Confidential, and Evarts uses The Skinny Confidential to help educate and guide her audience.

Image courtesy of The Skinny Confidential
Image courtesy of The Skinny Confidential

You know how an interior decorator will meet with you, work with you, and make sure your personality is perfectly represented by the decor in your surroundings? The Skinny Confidential does that for your life.

We’re all so busy, and there are so many options out there when it comes to what to wear and where to eat. The Skinny Confidential codifies SoCal cool, and updates the popular boho-chic aesthetic with a more modern sense of sleek sophistication. Evarts’ photos and videos are perfectly polished and offer a thoughtful visual guide to her musings on lifestyle curation. Expect to find constantly updated meal-plans, shopping guides, reviews, and tutorials — from makeup to time-saving workouts.

You can stay up-to-date on all things Skinny Confidential by visiting The Skinny Confidential website, and by following The Skinny Confidential on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat.

Image courtesy of The Skinny Confidential

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