IV Nutrients for Detoxification

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Part of the amazing design of our bodies includes the ability to break down and eliminate harmful substances from our systems, everything from the pollution in our external environment to the waste products of our internal environment. This ‘detoxification’ process is mediated through specific organ systems, including the gastrointestinal system, lungs and kidneys.

As efficient as our bodies are at managing our exposures to toxic compounds, our modern society has placed a much greater demand on these organ systems. This is part of the reason why it is so beneficial to participate in regular cleansing programs to help alleviate that burden and improve overall organ function. You can approach a cleansing program in a variety of ways; the key points to remember are that you are minimizing your daily exposure and maximizing your daily breakdown and excretion of toxins.

To support your body through a cleansing program, it’s extremely helpful to provide all your elimination systems with the nutrients that they need to function optimally. At Spark Health, we offer a Detox Booster shot and a Cellular Detox IV with the key amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for a successful cleansing program. Our favorite ingredients include Glycine, M.I.C and Glutathione.

Most researchers consider glutathione to be the most versatile and powerful of all antioxidants. It is found in the highest concentration in the liver, where it plays an important role in the breakdown and removal of toxins. Levels of glutathione naturally decline with age and during times of intense oxidation and free radical formation, such as when the body is detoxifying. Studies show that adequate amounts of glutathione result in increased elimination of toxins and steroid hormones.

M.I.C. stands for Methionine, Insoitol and Choline, three key amino acids required for the breakdown and elimination of toxins through the liver’s enzymatic pathways. Their function focuses on the mobilization and processing of fat stores in the liver that promotes the removal of stored toxins.

Glycine is another key amino acid in the processing and eliminating of toxins. It also supports glutathione production, bile production and steroid hormone breakdown.

By increasing the availability of these essential nutrients, the body is able to work more efficiently during a cleansing program, resulting in fewer side effects and greater overall success.

Rancho Coastal Fundraiser (with puppies!)

Spark Lifestyle Services

We are so excited to be working with Rancho Coastal Humane Society to raise funds for their amazing programs!

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) is dedicated to the rescue and shelter of abandoned companion animals, encouraging adoptions into loving homes, and promoting humane ideals through education and community outreach. RCHS is a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization. They are not tax supported, nor funded by any government agency.

RCHS has many unique and community-oriented programs that we are thrilled to support:

  • Friends of County Animal Shelters: taking in pets from overcrowded shelters in other parts of the country to avoid euthanasia.
  • Foster Care Program: medical care for injured and abused animals in private foster homes.
  • Animal Safehouse Program: temporary care for pets of domestic violence victims, veterans, active military, and seniors.
  • Community Pet Food Bank: providing pet food and supplies for those who can not afford it.

Please join us at Spark Health on Friday, June 2 to get a shot and give back, as all of our proceeds from our vitamin injections for the day will be donated directly to Rancho Coastal Humane Society. We will have doggie ambassadors from the shelter at the clinic from 12-5 pm, and are hosting a donation drive as well for dog and cat supplies. Help spread the word and tell your family, friends and colleagues about this great event to stay healthy and help animals in need!