The Spark Health PRP Micro Needling Facial – “Vampire Facial”

When we look good, we feel good! Taking care of our skin is important because it is the biggest organ in our body. We can absorb nutrients, secrete toxins, and its how we present ourselves to the exterior world.

Anti-aging medicine and increasing vitality is important because as humans we want to defy the impossible. To change the status quo – to live different, to be different. Increasing the length of our lives while staying vibrant and healthy is a goal of our modern day society.


What are PRP Micro Needling Facials, “Vampire Facials”? 

The Spark Health PRP Micro Needling Facials or the trendy “Vampire Facial” is a new aesthetic treatment to help increase collagen production, improve skin tone, tighten facial pores, and lighten & brighten up your beautiful face! All of these beneficial improvements in your skin are the result of the platelets extracted from your own blood! These platelets consist of growth factors, stem cells, and collagen precursors that is injected back into your skin tissue. There are new advances in medicine that are trending, to learn more on the PRP Facial from Spark check out our site at


Why do they call it a “Vampire Facial”? 

The infamous “vampire facial” got it’s title from famous celebrities receiving the treatment like Kim Kardashian. The extraction of the platelets – makes the PRP solutions turn slightly red – “Vampire facial” Your own blood is curing your wrinkles and increasing collagen to better looks and better skin! Your body is fascinating and this is another way that your own body can cure itself!


Where can I receive a PRP Micro Needling Facial, “Vampire Facial”? 

PRP facials -Timeless facials can be received at Spark Health located in Solana Beach. Our practitioners are professional and specially trained in the procedure. Focused on collagen regrowth and improving skin quality, texture, and skin tone. PRP facials is a must used service to decrease the effects of aging, improve wrinkles, and look young, healthy, and vibrant! Call us today!

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