Listen to “The Show 11-17-16 Dr. Aliza Cicerone” on Spreaker.

Our very own Dr. Cicerone, aka “Dr. C,” was on “The Show” with Elizabeth Meza. They talked naturopathic medicine, prolotherapy and all things Spark Health! Dr. C shared valuable insight into how Spark Health finds the roots of its patients’ health issues, and neutralizes them in a natural and conclusive fashion. Meza conducted an informative and engaging interview that allowed Dr. C to really delve deeply into the benefits Spark Health offers its patients. Dr. C discussed the four key elements of Spark Health’s products and services: PRP Injections, PRP Facials, Vitamin Injections and Vitamin IV Therapy.

Dr. C explained, “Prolotheraphy is a regenerative joint injection. And it’s been done in the professional athletic world for years now, and in the past — probably — 5 years or so it’s really become more mainstream. So, the public has access to it.” Dr. C broke down the differences between platelet rich prolotherapy (PRP Therapy) and the dextrose prolotherapy which is a sugar solution. PRP Therapy employs fascinating a technique which involves using some of the patients’ own blood as an essential part of the prolotherapy. Spark Health’s patented PRP Injections have aided everyone from crossfit athletes, to triathletes all the way to the “weekend warriors” among us.

This interview is packed with information, and Dr. C makes it all easy to understand. More importantly: she explains how it all works. She goes into detail about how Spark Health’s services enrich and repair our bodies from the inside out. So, give this a listen and learn how Spark Health can help you live a happy and healthy life!

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