Are you committed to losing weight for New Years? We recommend healing your body from the inside out. This can be lab testing to learn your body, but also a healthy mindset. Begin by letting go of the negative thoughts that hold us back, that don’t allow us to lose those stubborn pounds. Before you know it, we beat ourselves up about what we ate, what we didn’t eat, the workout we didn’t get it, and on and on! Here are 3 tips to gain self-esteem and to shed those pounds.

1) SCHEDULE in your meals and workouts. Grab your daily calendars and schedule in times to eat and what to eat.  Don’t forget your daily workout and supplements.  Gain success and self reward by checking these off your daily calendar.  

2) Don’t focus on your weight. While weighing ourselves can be necessary at times, don’t do this everyday.  Enjoy the process!  Focus on what you are doing to lose weight, not the number on the scale.  This will create a successful mindset of your weight loss journey and your efforts.  

3) Stop beating yourself up. Don’t look back on the things you have not done successfully to lose weight.  Instead gain support from family or friends and gain knowledge so your not stuck in the past.  Focus on what you want and work to meet daily goals!  Learn new recipes, talk with our doctors for support, learn your body from our lab testing, and feel in control of your body and health goals!  This is an empowering journey, so enjoy it!

~The Spark Health team

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