Osteoarthritis affects nearly 27 million Americans.  Symptoms many experience are stiffness, pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion.

NSAIDs and Tylenol are usually prescribed for the pain if more conservative therapies are not providing relief. But pain medication comes with their own host of side effects like GI bleeding, or liver and kidney dysfunction.

As we age, the arthritis may only worsen, and lead to surgery. But what about a non-surgical alternative?

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin reported that after a year, patients who were given Prolotherapy had less pain, and better function in their knees, versus those who were given placebo injections. Most patients were satisfied and reported no adverse effects.

If you’re experiencing knee pain, instability, osteoarthritis, an ACL or other ligament/tendon tear, Prolotherapy may be the solution you have been looking for!

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