10 Tips To Boost Brain Health

1. Eat more grass-fed meat and wild fish.

These contain DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that the brain uses to make myelin, the insulation on the wiring between brain cells.

2. Eat 2 to 3 cups of green leafy vegetables each day, and organic clarified butter from grass-fed cows.

The butter is a good source of vitamin K2, and the bacteria in your gut will metabolize the vitamin K1 in the greens into vitamin K2. Your body needs vitamin K2 to properly use vitamin D and produce myelin.

3. Eat deeply pigmented berries and vegetables, such as beets.

Pigments are a marker for polyphenols, or antioxidants. Diets higher in antioxidants have lower rates of dementia and other forms of chronic disease.

4. Stop consuming any artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers.

These compounds are excito-toxins, placed in your food to trick your brain into overconsumption. They also increase the amount of glutamate in your brain to excessive levels. It is best to avoid foods that have added foodlike chemicals.

5. Stop eating sugar and white flour-based products.

These products have a high glycemic index, meaning they cause a spike in blood sugar and insulin. Elevated insulin competes with enzymes that remove toxic tau proteins from the brain, preventing the brain from taking care of itself appropriately.

6. Exercise: Long-term exercise has been proven to increase brain power and even create new neurons in the brain. Go out and get a natural high off of your own brain chemistry through exercise!

7. Take Fish Oil: Fish oil supplements are literally like membrane material for the brain. The 2 primary components of EPA and DHA each act to strengthen both the emotional center of the brain and boost focus. There is an increase in overall brain activity after taking fish oil for awhile.

8. Take A Multivitamin, get a Vitamin Injection or Nutrient IV Therapy: Vitamins are great for the brain, and if it does not get enough of a certain vitamin through daily diet, consider a multivitamin. Multivitamins help facilitate the functioning of a healthy body and enriched brain. Start popping a vitamin each morning for awhile and chances are good that you’ll notice a difference!

9. Avoid Stress: A little bit of stress will never hurt anybody. Too much stress actually causes detrimental increases in the hormone “cortisol” which in high levels, kills brain cells and suppresses brain functioning.

10. Drink Freshly Squeezed Juice: Drinking fresh pressed vegetable juice revitalizes the brain and provides cells with a refreshing jolt of nutrients. Most juices provide your brain with vital nutrients which in turn, provide you with more mental energy and focus.

Referenced by Dr. Terry Wahls & Foodmatterstv.com



Advanced Naturopathic Medicine Inc. DBA Spark Health Naturopathic Medicine.

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