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male-2xy7n2lqqjlo466lfwwf0gThe Spark Health Approach made a significant difference for my athletic training. I compete in triathlons and my body feels afterward. The Tissue Restore IV has made a huge difference in how my body recovers. Thank you Spark for keeping me active and doing what I love.  ~Eric – San Diego, California

steveI came to Spark overweight, low on energy, and having stomach issues. After running my lab tests, my doctor and I were able to understand what was going on inside my body and we created my health plan and goals. With my new diet tailored to my body’s needs and IV Vitamin Therapy to replenish my nutrients, I feel great! I’ve lost 22 pounds! All thanks to Natural Medicine, and the great help from Spark Health.  ~Steven – San Diego, California

randiI am a single mom who has her own business. Spark Health keeps me healthy, so I can be the best mom and business owner possible.  ~Randi – San Diego, California


 female-150x150-2xy7n2h7w92hc4fq21preoWhat an eye opening experience. Dr. Cicerone met with me to explain the results of my lab tests and it was incredible. She made sure I understood how all of my labs correlated to how I had  been feeling, and we came up with an easy to follow health plan for me. This is what Naturopathic Medicine should be like!  ~Meredith – Del Mar, California

male-2xy7n2lqqjlo466lfwwf0gI was getting sick and could not afford to miss a day of work. I came into Spark Health and relaxed in the IV Vitamin Therapy Lounge while I received the Immune Boost IV. I woke up the next day feeling great, and made it through my day without any problems.  Thanks for being there for my business and me.  ~Shane – La Jolla, California

female-150x150-2xy7n2h7w92hc4fq21preoI was referred to Spark Health by a friend because I was tired of seeing multiple doctors and continually trying things that didn’t work. I was having trouble sleeping, my energy was always low and my mind felt foggy. My Naturopathic doctor at Spark Health, helped me understand why I was feeling that way, and put together a health plan just for me that actually works!  Thank you for listening to me and helping me feel better, finally.  ~Jessica – Encinitas, California

bruceI went in to Spark Health to get PRP Prolotherapy done on my right shoulder. I have had constant pain and discomfort in my shoulder from years of martial arts and several injuries to that joint. A friend recommended the clinic to me, so I came in town to see Dr. Soheily, the PRP Prolotherapy doctor at Spark. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the minute I walked in, the staff was really friendly and the clinic was beautiful. During my visit I felt the doctor really listened to me and spent time learning my body. It has been 3 weeks since my treatment and my shoulder feels significantly better. It feels more stable and the constant pain is not there. My overall experience was great and I appreciate the way Spark Health took care of me.  ~Bruce Krager – Reno, Nevada

male-2xy7n2lqqjlo466lfwwf0gAfter working with my doctor at Spark Health, I lost weight and got my energy back!   Thank you Dr. Aliza Cicerone and the Spark team, the best Naturopathic Doctor in San Diego!  ~Michael – Poway, California

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