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0 21 July 2017

What is detoxification? The first step to beginning a successful detox program is to understand how our bodies change toxins into less toxic or more readily excretable substances. Many people equate detoxification only with the liver, but it is important to look at our systems of elimination and detoxification as a whole, including the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. Setting up the body to efficiently eliminate toxins is the first and most important step for a successful cleanse. Toxins can have damaging effects on the body if they are too rapidly released without being safely eliminated, so it is important to focus on improving and optimizing the function of your body’s own detoxification systems. Kidneys Our kidneys help to maintain fluid balance, remove toxins and waste via the urinary system, regulate blood pressure, and control red blood cell production. Kidney function supports many areas of balance in the body: acidity and alkalinity for pH regulation, salt and water for blood pressure regulation, and sodium and potassium concentration for healthy circulatory and neurological systems. The kidneys also play an important role in vitamin D activation, which is essential for energy production, cancer prevention, bone health, immune system support, and anti-inflammatory benefit. Liver Liver function involves cholesterol regulation, breaking down and filtering to

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0 7 July 2017

A common benefit of a successful detox program is weight loss. Our fat cells contain stored toxins, including heavy metals and excess hormones, so it is especially important to encourage functional detox pathways as fat cells are released when losing weight. While undergoing a cleanse, other important physiological considerations include: *Cell membrane fluidity to allow toxins to exit the cell for removal by the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. *Blood sugar balance, which is regulated by the pancreas (secreting insulin) and the liver (stores and releases glucose in response to blood glucose levels) *Healthy cholesterol levels, which depend upon proper synthesis and metabolization in the liver. *Limiting inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy, and focusing on nutrients from whole food sources *Appropriate digestion and absorption of food *Sufficient water intake for kidney health and function *Daily exercise to support liver function, healthy digestive patterns and gastrointestinal elimination of toxins. Eating nutrient dense whole foods and juices, along with proper supplement support, will ensure that you are giving your body the tools needed for successful detox and ongoing optimal health.

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0 7 June 2017

Part of the amazing design of our bodies includes the ability to break down and eliminate harmful substances from our systems, everything from the pollution in our external environment to the waste products of our internal environment. This ‘detoxification’ process is mediated through specific organ systems, including the gastrointestinal system, lungs and kidneys. As efficient as our bodies are at managing our exposures to toxic compounds, our modern society has placed a much greater demand on these organ systems. This is part of the reason why it is so beneficial to participate in regular cleansing programs to help alleviate that burden and improve overall organ function. You can approach a cleansing program in a variety of ways; the key points to remember are that you are minimizing your daily exposure and maximizing your daily breakdown and excretion of toxins. To support your body through a cleansing program, it’s extremely helpful to provide all your elimination systems with the nutrients that they need to function optimally. At Spark Health, we offer a Detox Booster shot and a Cellular Detox IV with the key amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for a successful cleansing program. Our favorite ingredients include Glycine, M.I.C and Glutathione. Most researchers consider glutathione to be the most versatile and powerful of all antioxidants. It is found in the

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0 1 June 2017

We are so excited to be working with Rancho Coastal Humane Society to raise funds for their amazing programs! Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) is dedicated to the rescue and shelter of abandoned companion animals, encouraging adoptions into loving homes, and promoting humane ideals through education and community outreach. RCHS is a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization. They are not tax supported, nor funded by any government agency. RCHS has many unique and community-oriented programs that we are thrilled to support:

  • Friends of County Animal Shelters: taking in pets from overcrowded shelters in other parts of the country to avoid euthanasia.
  • Foster Care Program: medical care for injured and abused animals in private foster homes.
  • Animal Safehouse Program: temporary care for pets of domestic violence victims, veterans, active military, and seniors.
  • Community Pet Food Bank: providing pet food and supplies for those who can not afford it.

Please join us at Spark Health on Friday, June 2 to get a shot and give back, as all of our proceeds from our vitamin injections for the day will be donated directly to Rancho Coastal Humane Society. We will have doggie ambassadors from the shelter at the clinic from 12-5 pm, and are hosting a donation drive as well for dog and cat supplies. Help spread the word and tell your family, fri

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0 18 May 2017

How to fix that nagging shoulder pain Is lingering shoulder pain inhibiting you from your daily activities or performing at a high level? Ever get a shoulder stinger while playing football or goofing around as a youngster? It is likely that you caused damaged to surrounding ligaments or labrum of the shoulder. When that happens, even endless hours of physical therapy and icing the shoulder can’t make the pain go away completely. What can you do? It’s time to learn a little more about PRP regenerative injections!   Why do I still have shoulder pain?  Shoulder pain is caused by connective tissue or surrounding musculature that is injured during an abnormal movement. The muscles or tendons that are usually involved are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, or teres minor (rotator cuff muscles). The dysfunction of these muscles causes a downstream effect by inhibiting certain muscles or over-activation. The most common injury in the shoulder joint is to the supraspinatus – inhibiting shoulder flexion & abduction, as well as internal rotation (lifting the arm to pick up an item).  Shoulder pain is quite common because the dynamic function of our shoulder puts heavy strain on the surrounding muscles and connective tissues. PRP may have significant benefits for many shoulder injuries. It is suggested to consult with a

0 28 February 2017

Everyone has heard of the term “antioxidant” and we most likely are thinking “berries and fruit carry antioxidants – right”? Yes, berries are rich in antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress placed upon the body at the cellular level. Glutathione acts as the navy seal of our immune system – attacking and ridding the specific target (oxidative radicals) that cause damage to our cells. Have you ever felt that your body needs a “detox”? This is your answer!  In our modern day society – individuals are seeking optimal health to further improve the way they feel and how they perform in our competitive society. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant that is produced by the human body. It helps protect the body from oxidative stress – that is caused by the simple action that we all take for granted – BREATHING. I believe the simple act of breathing and being exposed to oxygen propels the aging cascade.  The process of aging has many hypotheses – but the leading hypothesis is caused by oxidative stress at the biological & cellular level. The best way to explain oxidative stress is like a banana, peeled open and exposed to the open air. The banana browns, softens, and actually becomes sweeter in taste. The browning is caused by oxygen, damaging the cellular structure of the banana – causing the banana to “Age”. This process also occurs within our bodie

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0 28 February 2017

Hangovers get worse and worse as we age! The morning after a long night out can be rough sometimes; at Spark Health we have the ultimate cure! IV Nutrient Therapy. Here are the 5 truths about IV Vitamin Therapy and Curing Your Hangover Improved Detoxification (Liver)

  • IV Vitamin Therapy supports liver health by nourishing all the enzymes and cofactors the liver needs to process alcohol and toxin build-up after a long night of drinking.
  • Vitamins that support liver function include: glutathione, NAC, L-carnitine, and vitamin C. These act to bind up oxidative free radicals and excrete out of the body.

Improved Breakdown of Acetaldehyde (Alcohol = Ethanol)

  • Alcoholic beverages are usually combined with tasty sugary mixers to mask the pungent taste of alcohol.
  • Alcohol is a toxic substance to the body that must be broken down into a substance called acetaldehyde and excreted out of the body. The buildup of acetaldehyde is the chemical involved in feeling “hungover” the morning after a night of drinking.
  • Supporting liver, gut, and kidney function is important in minimizing the effects of alcohol. Some vitamins that are beneficial are glycine, glutathione, magnesium, B2, and B6.

Improved Hydration

  • The well known notion of why individuals get “hungover” is that they are dehydrated. Alcohol consumption in c

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0 20 February 2017

The Spark Health PRP Timeless Facial – “Vampire Facial” When we look good, we feel good! Taking care of our skin is important because it is the biggest organ in our body. We can absorb nutrients, secrete toxins, and its how we present ourselves to the exterior world.  Anti-aging medicine and increasing vitality is important because as humans we want to defy the impossible. To change the status quo – to live different, to be different. Increasing the length of our lives while staying vibrant and healthy is a goal of our modern day society.    What are PRP Timeless Facials, “Vampire Facials”?  The Spark Health PRP Timeless Facials or the trendy “Vampire Facial” is a new aesthetic treatment to help increase collagen production, improve skin tone, tighten facial pores, and lighten & brighten up your beautiful face! All of these beneficial improvements in your skin are the result of the platelets extracted from your own blood! These platelets consist of growth factors, stem cells, and collagen precursors that is injected back into your skin tissue. There are new advances in medicine that are trending, to learn more on the PRP Facial from Spark check out our site at The Show Featuring Dr. Cicerone

0 8 December 2016

Listen to “The Show 11-17-16 Dr. Aliza Cicerone” on Spreaker. Our very own Dr. Cicerone, aka “Dr. C,” was on “The Show” with Elizabeth Meza. They talked naturopathic medicine, prolotherapy and all things Spark Health! Dr. C shared valuable insight into how Spark Health finds the roots of its patients’ health issues, and neutralizes them in a natural and conclusive fashion. Meza conducted an informative and engaging interview that allowed Dr. C to really delve deeply into the benefits Spark Health offers its patients. Dr. C discussed the four key elements of Spark Health’s products and services: PRP Injections, PRP Facials, Vitamin Injections and Vitamin IV Therapy. Dr. C explained, “Prolotheraphy is a regenerative joint injection. And it’s been done in the professional athletic world for years now, and in the past — probably — 5 years or so it’s really become more mainstream. So, the public has access to it.” Dr. C broke down the differences between platelet rich prolotherapy (PRP Therapy) and the



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