Functional Lab Testing – Specialty Lab Tests in San Diego

Functional Lab Testing – Specialty Lab Tests in San Diego
4 10 May 2016

At Spark Health, we approach lab testing and interpretation in a unique way. Rather than simply looking to see if patient lab values fall within a wide, normal range, we look at achieving the ideal values for optimal health, wellness and symptom management.



Spark Health doctors discuss lab findings with our patients in detail, so they understand not only what the values mean individually, but how they come together to form the big picture of how the body functions as an environment. Many patients undergo lab testing without receiving the right information and guidance to then address their health challenges and achieve their wellness goals. Spark Health doctors ensure that patients have a true understanding of how their body functions.


If you’re interesting in learning more about the Spark Approach to personalized medicine, visit us at, or call us at 858.228.4188.

Comments (4)
Jen LMay 11
What an eye opening experience. Dr. Cicerone met with me to explain the results of my lab tests, and it was incredible. Dr. Cicerone made sure I understood how all of my labs correlated to how I have been feeling, and came up with an easy to follow health plan for me. This is what Naturopathic Medicine should be like!
mysparkhealthMay 12
Hi Jen, We're happy to hear you had a great naturopathic doctors visit with lab testing here at Spark Health. Stop in soon!
Michelle CMay 12
The lab testing at Spark Health really changed my life, I now know how my body operates and what it needs. We did food sensitivity allergy testing, and hormone testing. I was able to see 93 different foods I could be allergic too, along with hormone imbalances, and micronutrient deficiencies. I received a custom health plan to get in the essential nutrients, foods, and supplements. Once a week I also stop in for a b12 shot or a IV therapy. The Max Nutrition IV is my favorite!
mysparkhealthMay 12
Michelle, We're happy to hear the lab testing at Spark Health has improved your health and well-being. Stop on in for Vitamin shots and IV therapy to get your essential nutrients.



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